Potential cost savings to the proposed new arena in Quesnel will be looked at the next North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee meeting.

Staff have been asked to come back with some firmer numbers on potential changes that were brought forward by the architect during December’s meeting.

Quesnel Mayor Bob Simpson points out that they still have just one option and the desire is still to build exactly what the public voted for in the referendum.

But he says they may have to go back to the public for direction if they can’t.

The first quantitative survey came in at around $23 million dollars and Simpson says they only have permission to spend roughly $17 million.

Simpson says delaying the project for one year is also a real possibility.

He says one reason is that they may be missing out on the ideal building window which is February because he says you may have to pay more if you do it in the summer when construction crews and contractors have to adjust work already in progress.

Simpson says the second reason is the potential for Federal funding and adds that they hope to have clarification on that issue at the next meeting as well.

He says delaying the project will not have an impact on user group as they can still use the current facilities.