Beef producers including the Cariboo, are enjoying the highest prices in recent history.

Kevin Boon, General Manager of the BC Cattlemen’s Association says the reason is not just due to a shortage in supply and increased demand.

“We’ve also seen within this where the grain prices that we depend on to finish these cattle out have dropped in prices so it’s made it so that the feedlots are able to pay a little more for these calves on the ground.”

“So the cow-calf producer in BC, most of the production is in the Cariboo, is really the benefit to this.”

Boon adds that although the prices are high, it’s taken the industry 10 years to get there.

“We’ve got through ten years of probably lower than everywhere else in the world just because of the BSE, so Canada’s finally caught up on this.”

“We’re finally seeing where our ranchers are able to really what they should be getting out of these cattle.”

Boon says he does not anticipate the prices going down anytime soon and adds the industry has the ability to grow globally and further reap the benefits.