A recent BC Business report that highlights the 5-year population growth for regions across the province is worrisome according to the Cariboo Chilotin MLA.

Donna Barnett says everyone should be concerned with the report that shows the City of Williams and surrounding area coming in last place at a stunning minus four point eight seven percent. (-4.87%)

“If we do not have new growth in economics, you will have population decreases. With population decreases, it affects us all.”

“We have to sit down together and get to yes and get to yes quickly. Investment dollars will not come to any region that does not welcome them.”

Barnett meanwhile admits that she is looking forward to 2015 following a year of economic challenges to the region and says although she knows that challenges still lay ahead, she is looking optimistic.

“For people to come together and work together to understand mining, to understand tourism, to understand forestry, economic growth, to understand the educational opportunities that there is in the region.”

“We have a big job to do and the only way we’re going to get is working together and not taking sides.”

The only other areas of the province with a 5-year population growth in the minus, according to BC Business, are Port Alberni (-0.78%), Prince Rupert (-1.06%), and Powell River (-2.34%).

Quesnel meanwhile came in the plus range at one point six percent (1.06%).