30-year old Martin William Gentles will be back in BC Supreme Court on February 3rd.

That is when Justice Truscott will deliver his decision in his trial that ran for three weeks from late November until December 10th.

Gentles is facing several charges including impaired driving and dangerous driving causing the death of Rayel MacDonald, with impaired driving and dangerous driving causing bodily harm to Alysha Mullet as well as leaving the scene of an accident.

The charges stem from an accident back in April of 2012.

RCMP say a pickup truck collided with two people while they were walking across Carson Drive.

The Defence argued during the trial that Gentles should be found not guilty of all charges because testimony from witnesses was unreliable and that there is no evidence to suggest that a driver, even sober, would have been able to avoid the collision.

The Crown argued that testimony from witnesses varied because of different perspectives and that Gentles knew he had hit a person but didn’t stop.

The crown also said that Gentles had perfect memory of the day but no recollection of what he saw or if he hit the brakes before he hit MacDonald and Mullet.