The Timber Kings will be raising their saws for a second season on HGTV tomorrow.

Brian Reid Sr, says the show which follows the work of Pioneer Log Homes, has given the company quite a bit of exposure from around viewers around the world.

“We know when something’s airing. You know it’s shown here, but all over the world too so we’ll start getting calls from England and know that show aired the night before.”

“We did home shows up to 40 a year all over North America, and Scotland, and different places in Europe. The show gives us now enough exposure where we’ll only do 2 to 3 shows this year.”

Reid says viewers can expect some big things to happen on this year’s Timber Kings and adds that the show would not have been possible without the support of the community and of course loyal fans.

“There are a hundred things to watch in there and we’re very proud to be able to show what we do in Williams Lake and the fellas like Joel and Peter that do the work.”

“We’re very, very proud of both our community and the people that work at Pioneer Homes.”

The premiere of the second season of HGTV’s Timber Kings, which will have 14 episodes instead of 10, starts at 10 pm ET/PT.