The Cariboo Regional District Director for Area B has responded to concerns raised by some Bouchie Lake residents about their hall.

Specifically the group wanted better access and to use the hall for free for community events because they felt it was covered in their taxes for recreation.

As for the first part of that equation, Jerry Bruce basically says nothing is free…

“Any rec facility in the sub regional system, whether the swimming pool or another facility, there is a user fee of some kind that goes to pay for the safety and security of that facility.

Bruce adds that the cost to run the facility is in the maintenance and the insurance…

“And that’s all we’ve been basically saying is that any third party group that uses the hall needs to have 3rd party insurance.”

As for access, Bruce says the Recreation Commission, which he appointed to manage the facilities at Bouchie Lake, is willing to work with the group.

“When the Community Association can get it’s act together and behave in a proper and respectful way, I want to see that, but the bickering and that sort of stuff has to change, then we’ll work with them.”

Bruce says the relationship between the Rec Commission and the community association has not been a good one for years and he hopes that will change.