Quesnel City Council is supporting an application for some money to revitalize the outdoor rink in West Quesnel.

Economic Development Officer Amy Reid says the idea is not only to repair the rink however but also to add additional uses to the facility outside of just winter…

“With some improvements the rink could continue to be used for hockey and skating in winter but also used for basketball, lacrosse or even roller derby in spring, summer and fall. Improvements include installation of new fencing and side boards of a height and style to accommodate a number of sports, basketball hoops would be installed as well as proper line painting the surface.”

The funding request is for 30 thousand dollars from both the Northern Development Initiative Trust and the Pine Beetle Recovery Account.

The City would pay the remaining 29 thousand if needed.

Mayor Bob Simpson noted that a number of individuals have indicated that they would do some of the work and donate materials.