An interesting dilemna for Quesnel City Council last night.

A request has been on the books for years to develop a park in South Hills in the Neighbour Road area but the politicians now have a letter from the Neighbourhood Association saying they don’t want a playground in the park.

Mayor Bob Simpson noted that just 13 people attended the meeting however and that that was not the message that he and the rest of Council were getting from most people in the area.

Simpson says at some point Council has to make a decision, adding that sometimes you can consult stuff to death…

“So we can keep going around in circles, we can circle the drain on stuff. Bottom line, Neighbourhood Associations are unelected bodies with an opinion, we are an elected body with accountability at the next election if we do the wrong thing. We trump that, Neighbourhood Associations, period.”

Council also received a letter from a resident in the area stating that the Neighbourhood Association was not speaking on their behalf and that none of the 13 people at the meeting had children that would use the playground.

In the end, Council voted unanimously to receive the letters which meant that things would proceed as planned.

Any further delays would push the project back to 2018.

The vote was 5-0 as Councillors Laurey-Anne Roodenburg and Shushil Thapar were not at the meeting.