RCMP throughout the Cariboo will be out in full force tonight to try and make sure that everyone has a safe entry into 2015.

Corporal Curt Banse is the Unit Commander for North Cariboo Highway Patrol…

“Obviously given the time of year, everybody’s out to have a good time but hopefully we do it safely.”

“We’ll be out there ensuring that they follow the rules and don’t drink and drive.”

And Banse says it’s not just alcohol that they’ll be watching for…

“Roadblocks will be set-up and we will be checking for drivers that are impaired by both alcohol and or drugs.”

Banse says roadblocks will be set up at different times and in different locations throughout the night and into the morning.

He says having New Year’s in the middle of the week as opposed to a weekend may help them keeps things under control.

Operation Red Nose meanwhile will be up and running again tonight in Williams Lake from 9 pm until 3 am.