A group of Bouchie Lake residents want better access and free access to their hall.

Suzie Myles is a spokesperson for the group, who have well over a hundred signatures on a petition that has been sent to the Cariboo Regional District…

“We just want to be able to use our hall. It sits empty about 90 percent of the time and when we want to put on a community function for the community, which is not a fundraising function or a fundraising function, we would like to be able to use the hall without paying a tenants’ fee.”

Myles says they feel they pay a lot for recreation and that that should cover off any fees for community events.

She says any donations they receive could be given to the hall or at least shared with them.

Myles uses a tie dye event that she wanted to do with some children in the area during the summer as an example.

She says they had a registration so they would know how many T shirts to order and they also asked for a three dollar supply fee.

Myles says the Rec Commission found out about the registration and fee and said they would have to pay rent and pay for insurance because it was no longer a drop-in event.

Myles says she understands charging for private events like a wedding or a fundraiser and she says that money could then be used to run the hall.