BC forests are about to have better protection and sustainability, according to Premier Christy Clark.

Today, at the Canifor Pulp Mill in Prince George, she announced an investment of $150 million towards the Forestry Enhancement Society of BC, which she says will create 3,000 more jobs for Northern and rural communities.

Clark says the society has done great things to help preserve the surrounding environment.

“They can continue their work which is preventing and mitigating wildfires, improving damage in low-value forests and wildlife habitat, and treating forests to improve the management of greenhouse gases. We are really just getting started!”

Clark says while the government continues to seek innovative solutions to help protect provincial forests, Mother Nature brings good solutions as well.

Over the next decade, Clark adds the government is committed to providing $800 million for BC forests and through the 2011 Jobs Action Plan, more than 20,000 jobs are expected.

(Files from Kyle Balzer with MYPRINCEGEORGENOW)