As many Cariboo residents will have the day off tomorrow to spend time with family, many dedicated emergency personnel will be doing the exact opposite.

Emergency room physician, Dr. Michael Garrard with the Cariboo Memorial Hospital, says staff who are working have a few traditions of their own to get through the shift.

“A lot of them will try to brighten the atmosphere by wearing certain Christmas trinkets. There may be some background music that they play just to keep the mood upbeat and many of them will bring in some snacks and some food during their break so they are able to partake in that.”

“One of the nice things that does happen, is that people are very supportive. So what we’ll often find is people bringing in things for the staff and we’re very appreciative of that.”

Members of the RCMP and fire and ambulance services are also some of the many individuals throughout the Cariboo who will be at work tomorrow.