It is now known that the 100 Mile House Wranglers were playing with a fair bit of extra emotions this past weekend.

On January.26th Wrangler’s defenceman Brevin Gervais was rushed to hospital in Kamloops for emergency neurosurgery.

Dale Hladun, head coach of the Wranglers provided us with an update on Brevin.

“The good news is things like he isn’t on a breather anymore, he squeezes a hand, and I guess the nurse asked for a thumbs up and he responded so it’s baby steps, but it is definitely steps all in the right direction so you can’t be more excited than that.”

Hladun says that Gervais’ hockey gear will continue to hang in his locker for the remainder of the season.

“We are dedicating a lot to Brevin and right now he is our MVP.”