An incident in 100 Mile House has RCMP looking for a pair of suspects

A 20-year-old woman and her boyfriend were walking along Birch Avenue late Thursday when she was shot in the face with an airsoft gun from the window on a truck.

When police were called to the scene, the two male suspects fled into the nearby residential area in the older, white, single cab pickup truck.

The victim was treated and released from hospital and, luckily, didn’t lose her eye.

Jack Searles, the owner of Creekbend novelties where airsoft guns are sold, says that more and more, airsoft guns are being treated as real firearms and that the perpetrators could be in big trouble when they are found.

“They can be charged under regular firearms law for violations with them now; they just had some court rulings go through so you can be charged with it and they’re some heavy penalties that go with them.”

“I hope they (court/RCMP) really sink their teeth through because it just makes the sport look bad.”

RCMP are asking anyone with information on the attack or the whereabouts of the truck in question to contact them or Crimestoppers