What will happen to the Gold pan ?

Despite all of the focus on the new at last night’s city council meeting, it was that old mainstay that was the focus of a lot of the conversation.

City Councillor Ed Coleman…

“Regarding the Goldpan, it needs to stay in Quesnel. And if it doesn’t stay where it is, the only place you can goldpan in the central interior north is the Quesnel River legally.”

Councillors Ron Paull and Shushil Thapar agreed.

Mayor Bob Simpson felt that it was just positioned wrong, noting that they are trying to make Quesnel a nice place to stop and not just a nice place to drive through…

“We know a lot of people stop at get pictures at that Goldpan, but when they stop there they are not able to go in and buy a coffee, they are not able to shop in our local town, they are not able to get information at the visitors centre.”

As to exactly where the gold pan will be moved, that is still up in the air.