School District twenty-seven is one of only twenty-six districts across the province that will receive funding from the Industry Training Authority to continue an apprenticeship program.

Twenty-thousand dollars will help fund the Cariboo-Chilcotin’s program that allows students to start a work-based training component of an apprenticeship whilst still in high school.

High school students in grade ten or higher are able to start a work-based training component of an apprenticeship through the Secondary School Apprenticeship, or S-S-A program.

M-L-A Donna Barnett believes the program will help the region’s kids make their mark:

<em>”It’s getting them ready for trades and training when they finish school and they’ll get credits through this program and it gives them a chance to get their foot into the door before graduation instead of leaving school with no workplace experience in the field that they may want to enter.” </em>

Students at Peter Skene Ogden will benefit from the increased funding as the school has at least one S-S-A program.

As of October, there were over seventeen hundred youth apprentices registered in S-S-A programs throughout the province.