Phase 2 of the West Quesnel Land Stability program, at least the finishing touches, are now on hold until next year.

City Manager Byron Johnson confirmed at last night’s City Council meeting that they didn’t quite finish all of the work that needed to be done, specifically on the upper portion of Abbott Drive…

“We didn’t get to the pavement portion of that this year. Between some of the weather delays we had and then some very tough conditions up there and some real gumbo type ground it was difficult but that roadwork has been prepared for winter.”

Johnson says they have put some crush down to at least make things better for residents to drive on until they can do the rest of the work…

“For 2017 we will finish that area…paving, curb and gutter and sidewalk installation in mid 2017 and then landscaping to follow.”

Johnson notes that if they had not added to the scope of the project and even so he says they were only about two weeks short.

A lot did get done however including the installation of three new horizontal drains and four, soon to be 6, pumping wells.

Storm drains, paving and sidewalks were added to several roads as well.

Once completed, 7.2 million dollars will be spent on the second and potentially final phase of the West Quesnel Land Stability program.

There are roughly 750 homes in the land slippage area.