The current funding formula doesn’t work anymore !

Quesnel’s Board of Education successfully relayed that message at the BC School Trustee Association’s provincial meeting in Vancouver.

Board Chair Tony Goulet says they put forward two motions that were unanimously endorsed by the 58 school districts, including one that calls for a change to the funding formula.

He says the general consensus was that a province-wide x amount of dollars for x amount of kids just doesn’t work, especially for rural school districts….

“Really it’s saying that we need to look at a stable and predictable formula that works so that districts like ours that are small aren’t under funding protection and if we have a decrease in our enrollment we can still offer the same services.”

Goulet acknowledges that that could take some time but he says it is a good step in the right direction to move education forward.

The other motion that passed from Quesnel was to lift the wage freeze for exempt staff such as Principals and Vice-Principals that has been in place for years and that the province, and not local Boards, pay for the increases.