A dog-owner believes that a cougar is the only animal that could have attacked his dog on Wednesday at Highway 24 and Bell road in Bridge Lake.

Harry Bishop, the dog’s owner, details the injuries his four-legged friend sustained.

“He’s in the vet and he’s got a couple of puncture wounds in his skull with a loose bone in his head, and he’s blind.”

“They don’t know if he’s going to come back or not.”

Bishop feels that despite inconclusive findings from conservation officers, a cougar is the only likely attacker.

“It’s the only thing that could be because there are no other animals around.”

“It had to be a big animal to puncture the top of his head, well there’s no bears; they’re in bed.”

Bishop says he believes it is important to get the warning out about the attack on his dog because if there is an aggressive predator there are many senior citizens and a school bus route close to where the attack took place.