For 27 residences in Gateway, the taps were turned on Wednesday as the government and the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) cut the ribbon on the new water system.

According to Margo Wagner, CRD Area H Director, there’s s still room to expand the system to additional properties.

“We pulled a well on private property that the CRD is actually planning on purchasing from the home-owner.”

“The well has a capability of providing 250 gallons a minute, which is phenomenal for a well so there’s definite room for expansion.”

Wagner adds that the water quality is now in top notch with the new system.

“It’s really good water. The chlorination that Interior Health insists you have to have is the very barest minimum that they have required.”

“There’s no magnesium, in it, there’s none of that nasty stuff that costs a lot to treat.”

The old Gateway water system was constructed in 1972.