The Quesnel Kangaroos Senior Hockey Club will not be getting a break on their fees for using the Twin Ice Arenas.

The North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee voted last night to keep the status quo as far as charges go and the body also voted not to forgive the 44-hundred dollar debt that the Roos owe from last season.

The club was looking for a 10-thousand dollar reduction in annual fees.

Three Quesnel City Councillors were opposed, including Scott Elliott, who was in favour of letting the team use the banquet room for free and letting them keep all of their revenue for advertising…

“and also the 160 dollars per sign, i think if they are going out and getting the advertising, as i say this is their last year, the signs probably won’t be used again in the rink, so i think we should be helping them on that as well

The banquet room costs the team just over 29-hundred dollars per year.

Councillors Laurey-Anne Roodenburg and Ed Coleman were also opposed to the status-quo and in favour of helping the team out.

The general consensus however was that the team was being charged what others were in the league.

Other sentiments included that it would set a standard for other user groups and that recreation was not a money maker.

The team will lose the rink board revenue once it moves into the new arena next year and the Roos’ Vice-President Mirko Pellizarri indicated back in June that they may not have a team if that happens.