Quesnel’s Board of Education has asked the Administration to find a consulting firm to help lead the District through possible reconfiguration.

Board Chair Tony Goulet says staff will conduct interviews this month and will likely come back to the Board with some options in January.

We asked Goulet if school closures were a possibility…

“There are all kinds of rumors and speculations but it’s way too early. I think we need to sort of get a plan in place and look at all of our options.”

“I know that people are wondering what it’s going to look like and what they’re going to do, but I think that will come.”

Goulet says there will be a complete public consultation process before any decisions are made.

He says the motivation behind the review is to find a way to best serve the students and be cost-effective in doing it.

Goulet says with costs constantly going up it is getting extremely difficult for Boards to remain under the status quo.

He says they have to do something different.