Sightings of Cougars have been reported over the past week in the south-west end of Canim Lake.

Colin Kravontka from the 100 Mile House Conservation Service says no one has been harmed by the animal but some livestock have been killed.

“A rancher near the south west end of the lake did have his sheep attacked by a cougar and two lambs were killed. The carcass’s weren’t  found for a couple of days after the attack and by then it was a little late to do any mitigation. The original report did come in that the bears killed the lambs but it was later identified that it was a cougar”.

Kravontka  has since talked to the rancher and in the last two days the cougar has not been back in the area.

Anyone seeing a cougar is asked to call the RAPP line 1-877-952-72-77.