The Quesnel and Williams Lake airports have received some money from the Province to make some important improvements.

Jon Boychuk, the Airport and Transit Supervisor in Quesnel, says they received 117 thousand dollars.

He says around 34 thousand is for a new GPS approach.

Boychuk says that will mean less cancelled flights…

it won’t get rid of all of them.  we will always hae lower ceiling and fog that you just can’t land in but realistically it will bring the minimum altitude that aircraft can safely descend to, one is from 900 feet to 400 feet, so they are getting an additional 500 feet safely.  so its quite an improvement.

Boychuk says they are also hoping that it will raise revenues and prevent Quesnel residents from flying out of Prince George.

He says another 84 thousand dollars will go towards new security fences and gates, including one which will be a benefit during the SkyFest airshow.

Williams Lake’s airport also received some money, 150 thousand dollars, for a fuel system upgrade.