Williams Lake is no longer number one in Canada when it comes to violent crime.

The latest numbers released by Stats Canada show that the Lake City is now 7th with 206.9 violent crimes per 100 thousand people.

That is down from 319.65 in 2014.

In terms of overall crime, Williams Lake also dropped from number two in 2014 to 4th in 2015.

Inspector Milo MacDonald says the numbers show they are going in the right direction and he feels it will get even better.

“One of the things that is worth mentioning is the fact that the stats that came out that were compiled by Stats Canada, that’s the calendar year of 2015, but in our year to date for 2016, by comparison to 2015, we’ve actually made some really substantial improvements in nearly every area. So we did make some improvements from 15 over 14, we’re anticipating to stay on trend here and make more improvements 2016 over 2015.”

MacDonald is quick to credit community organizations and the public for helping to reduce these numbers.

Quesnel is not listed this year in communities with a population of more than 10 thousand people.

Last year Quesnel was 8th for both overall crime and violent crime.

RCMP and politicians in both communities have long took issue with these numbers as they don’t take into account the outlying areas in smaller communities, therefore skewing the numbers.