The Saw Filer Program at T-R-U recently received a generous donation from a Williams Lake man.

Vince Benner, president of A-M-S Equipment, donated a Powell sixty inch band saw in memory of his father John Benner.

T-R-U Saw Filer Instructor Greg Daykin explains what this donation means to the University.

“ It will give us an opportunity for the upcoming bench man in level three to set up a band mill, set up all the relative guides, the grinding of the wheels, cross lines, line up of the machine, it will give them some training on it”.

Right now T-R-U is only offering levels one and two in their saw filer program and Daykin says they hope to offer level three in the near future thanks to this donation.

The Saw Filer program is only one of it’s kind being offered in Western Canada.