The numbers are in and they’re showing over the past year the crime rate in Williams Lake is on the decline.

Milo Mcdonald, Officer in charge of the Williams Lake RCMP Detatchment, goes over some of the statistics.

‘Theft from vehicle down 75 percent. Uttering threats down 25 percent. Weapon offenses down 20 percent. Violent crime against persons down 13 percent. Property crime down 36 percent so it’s very positive and encouraging numbers”.

Mcdonald says he and his fellow officers can’t take all of the credit for the decreased numbers in crime.

“In any file we had any level of success it’s resulted in entirely from the fact that we rely on the public to be able to tell us what’s going on”.

Mcdonald also went on to say that in spite of those significant drops they have seen increases in shoplifting and robbery statistics.