Mother nature has forced the switchback on Frizzi Road to be closed.

Gary Muraca, Director of Municipal Services for the City of Williams Lake explains why.

“ Based on the high intensity storm we had on July 12th we were exploring the area so we went down the road a little ways to see if there was any damage and right off the bat we noticed there was extensive damage to the road. So we determined that we were going to close it down at that time”.

When asked when the road may re-open Muraca had this to say.

“ I had the chance to travel the whole road today I walked down from top to bottom and the road is going to take extensive engineering and road work to even, if we even can reopen it, it is completely lost”.

In addition to barricades, road closed signs as well as no post guard rails have been installed to prevent anyone from travelling down there. Muraca says in the interm people are encouraged to walk down Comer and access the River Valley at that location.