No snow on the ground is good news for the City of Quesnel’s budget.

Ken Coombs, the Director of Public Works and Engineering, says they had already spent about 75% of the annual snow removal budget back at the start of the year in January and February.

He says while the basic snow budget is $435,000, there is more too it than that…

“Then we do drive-way entrance clearing, that’s another $39,000…our sanding budget is another $180,000…then we have winter shift workers (2 of those), that’s another $146,000. So those four budgets combined total about $800,000.”

Coombs says they have about $211,000 left from that amount, which is about 25% as well.

He says they spend about $25,000 per day after a snowstorm and adds that as long as the City doesn’t get more than a couple of heavy snowstorms between now and the end of the year the City should come in under budget.

Coombs says any money that is left over would simply go back into general surplus.