The issue of Provincial Funding, more specifically a lack of it, was the focus of an all-candidates forum for School Trustee in Quesnel last night.

Candidates were asked what they would be willing to do, that wasn’t already being done, to make sure that the District was properly funded.

Gloria Jackson, a Trustee for the past 9 years, agreed that letter writing wasn’t working.

She also agreed that getting all 58 Districts in the Province to send in a need budget was a good idea, noting that it would be better as one voice and not from just Quesnel’s Board.

Angela Mezetesta, seeking her first term, said it was important to gather all of the data on where the funding shortfalls are.

Julie-Anne Runge, also a potential newcomer, agreed to a needs budget as well but not on their own.

And George Natalizio, a Trustee for the past 12 years, said he too was in favor of forcing the issue and said he’d even be willing to go down to Victoria in a bus.