Public community meetings regarding the Mount Polley tailings pond breach will now be held on a monthly, not bi-weekly basis.

Imperials Metals Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Steve Robertson shares the reason towards the shift.

“Well, I think in the beginning we needed to have weekly meetings to make sure everybody was up to speed with what was going on. As people got comfortable with the understanding of the work that was going on in the area, we moved back to bi-weekly meetings. Now we’re going to move to monthly meetings because we feel that is an adequate amount of consultation with the local community.”

Robertson adds that it’s evident that Imperial is trying to keep the public and stakeholders well informed.

“Our intent is that we fully inform people that are going to be affected by the clean-up but don’t want to get to the point of being repetitive. I think that it’s a delicate balance. If we have more information to give, we’ll make sure we go out on a more frequent basis.”

Robertson says the next community hall meeting in Likely will take place near the end of this month.