Water, economic development, and culture were the hot-button topics at the All Candidates Forum in 100 Mile House on Tuesday.

Mayoral candidate Maureen Pinkney emphasized the water resources present in the area.

“We have to deal with the water that we have; the drought problems, the high turbidity, the costs to filter it, and get that new plant in.”

Development plans are in place and will lead to further economic development according to incumbent Mitch Campsall.

“We have major infrastructure projects planned. One is the water project in Scott Road/Alpine Road area, another being the development of a new water treatment plant.”

Vacancy rates also proved to be a hot issue for Pinkney.

“We have a long way to, to make this town on a profit basis. You can’t have all of those empty stores, where it will not have a negative effect on your community.”

Campsall meanwhile says the town is well situated to attract investment.

“Our location and cost of doing business in 100 Mile House, makes us an attractive environment for opportunity. I’m excited about the future of our community. We have investors talking about significant new projects in 100 Mile House.”

The first and final day of advance voting opportunities in 100 Mile House before the Nov. 15 civic election was yesterday.