A recent single vehicle collision on Highway 97 has RCMP detachments issuing a reminder that as we enter the winter season, driving patterns need to reflect the changing road conditions.

Corporal Darren King, in 100 Mile House, says the vast majority of collisions during the winter season, can be directly related to road conditions and drivers not driving appropriately.

“The last thing the RCMP want to do is inform somebody that they have lost a family member if they weren’t driving their vehicle in an appropriate manner…Again if they were to slow down, and keep their distance, and arrive at their destination safely that would make the roads safer for everybody out there.”

King cautions although speed limit signs may say 80, 100, or more or less, it does not mean you should go that fast.

“Posted speed limits that are throughout the province of BC, those are speeds that are at absolute ideal road conditions, be it a sunny day, dry road conditions. However, if there is precipitation or snow, we do recommend that people slow down. The road conditions can certainly adversely affect the handling of your vehicle.”

King says if haven’t already gotten your winter tires, now would be a good time to do so.

RCMP, along with emergency workers, say they respond every year to numerous collisions during the winter.

In 100 Mile House Area, there were 34 collisions resulting in injuries and one fatality last year alone.