As a telephone scam targeting BC Hydro customers, continues to sweep across the province, BC Hydro is reminding customers what they should do, to not fall victim.

Simi Heer, BC Hydro Spokesperson, says BC Hydro never collects credit card or bank information over the telephone and does not accept payment from prepaid gift cards.

Heer adds, customers, can always check their hydro balance through their website, which is completely safe.

The fraudulent calls which may come from a 1-800 number and display a legitimate BC hydro number on call display, demand immediate payment through a prepaid gift card to avoid hydro disconnection.

Heer says BC Hydro is working very closely with law enforcement agencies.

BC Hydro says anyone in doubt about the authenticity of a call from BC Hydro, should hang up and call back BC Hydro at 1-800 BC HYDRO.

A Vancouver businesswoman recently fell victim to the scam.

She lost $2500.